Welcome to ECO-RIGEN Company

An Italian company dedicated to provide the highest quality services for the catalysts ex-situ: regeneration, rejuvenation (Albemarle's REACT™ applicable on STARS™ catalysts), TOTSUCAT sulfiding/activation and additional services to the customers throughout the world.

ECO-RIGEN Company operates under license from EURECAT group, the world leading company for catalyst regeneration, sulfiding and other activation services.

Our fully integrated technical services and support groups further enhance the customers' satisfaction and facilitate creative solutions to the most difficult customer problems.

Imagination, innovation, responsiveness, ability to deliver high quality solutions and a full range of services: these are the qualities that the customers should expect from ECO-RIGEN Company total resources.




< Certificate: ISO 45001 || ISO 50001 || ISO 14001 || ISO 9001

Modello Organizzativo 231: MOG 231 || All.A || All.B || All.C || All.D

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08/28/2009 > Regeneration plant is back in operation

08/07/2009 > Ecorigen

11/08/2011 > Customer support

05/02/2012 > New answer machine at Ecorigen. You will be able to contact directly by dialing the internal number.Check the the list for internal number.

21/11/2013 > Catalists Activation