Additional services


ECO-RIGEN is committed to fulfill all kinds of packaging requirement from the customers.

In general, spent catalyst or sulfided catalyst is classified as self-heating solid, inorganic, N.O.S. (UN3190, group II) and transported according to IMDG/ADR class 4.2 or, in case of toxic compounds on the spent catalyst, according to UN3288, IMDG/ADR 6.1.

It is packed in:

  • 210-liter metal UN approved drums
  • 1 - 2 m3 UN approved metal bins.

Regenerated/Reactvated catalysts are usually packed in:

  • 210 lit UN metal drums with polyethylene liner or 1 - 1.5 m3
  • UN approved flexitainer bags (UV resistant, polypropylene woven with polyethylene liner).

After Regeneration or Reactivation, CoMo catalysts are still considered hazardous goods:

they are classified as UN3077IMDG/ADR 9 ("Environmentally hazardous solid - leachate toxic").

The packed materials are always palletized ISMP-15 certified ("fumigated") and strapped for safe handling, storage and transportation.